Deacom and TerrAscend Partner for Seed-to-Sale Functionality for the Thriving Cannabis Industry

TerrAscend will utilize Deacom's ERP for seed-to-sale functionality.


Deacom Inc has kicked off implementation for biopharmaceutical and wellness company, known for delivering quality cannabis products and services, TerrAscend. The company will utilize Deacom's ERP services to implement strong process controls that go beyond seed-to-sale capabilities to provide long-term growth potential. 

"The cannabis industry is still young but advancing fast along with regulatory and consumer demands," says Scott Deakins, COO of Deacom Inc. "Everyone from processors to retailers are making aggressive moves to create stronger business processes and most are turning to software solutions like ours."

TerrAscend is just the latest company to make critical investments in its future successes. Director of INformation Technology at TerrAscend Sam Wong says, "Our industry is extremely unique, so it was important that we selected an ERP provider that not only provided an all-in-one platform tailored to businesses like ours, but one that truly understands our needs and requirements." 

TerrAscend's commitment to quality products is what differentiates it in the market. By ensuring consistency and value throughout the entire cannabis lifecycle, Deacom resides within the same set of business logic.

"Deacom's structure eliminates the potential of disconnected processes, so the entire company can act as a single unit and scale aggressively without sacrificing quality," Wong says. 

Those who are getting into the cannabis industry on the ground floor like TerrAscend, are seeing vast opportunities in innovation and development. Therefore, it is important to implement strong business software that can deliver beyond the basics and empower businesses to leverage the capabilities of a full-scale ERP platform. Doing so as early as possible will instill a strong foundation for business longevity.