Walmart Swipes Right on Groceries

An app in development mimics Tinder as it allows shoppers to accept or reject products chosen by employees.

Business Insider

Walmart filed a patent for a grocery shopping service that functions like the popular dating app Tinder.

Like Tinder, shoppers would be able to swipe right or left to accept or reject produce picked by Walmart employees. Solving a problem that most consumers have when it comes to grocery delivery services, they aren’t able to see the product they’re purchasing.

How it works:

Shoppers would order groceries for delivery of pick-up. They then would be sent 3-D images of produce selected by Walmart employees. Shoppers can then accept or reject the items. Those that they accept will be sent to their virtual shopping cart, and if they reject an item they will be offered a new selection. Like Tinder, however, customers will only get a limited amount of rejection. If someone were to reach the maximum amount of skips, they would then have to choose from what was offered to them previously.

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