Cloud-Based Technology Optimizes Beverage Delivery, Merchandising and Sales Routes

Scientific Logistics is turning heads across the North American beverage industry with its cloud–based route optimization solution.

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Scientific Logistics is turning heads across the North American beverage industry with its cloud–based route optimization solution.

This year, bottlers and distributors from a variety of beverage industry segments—including soft drinks, major brand beer, craft beer, and wine and spirits—switched to Sci-Log, the first highly automated cloud-based routing and scheduling solution, for daily product delivery, delivery strategies and analytics, and sales logistics planning.

“Beverage companies are simply tired of the headaches associated with the previous generation of manually intensive routing software,” says Bill Nulty, CEO of Scientific Logistics. “Adoption of our cloud-based solutions is spreading like wildfire across every segment in the beverage industry. We provide a superior solution and compelling value across many dimensions so it’s practically a no brainer.”

One of the largest wine and spirits distributors in the U.S., Young’s Market has replaced legacy on-premises route optimization systems with Sci-Log across all its divisions.

“With Sci-Log we dramatically improved on-time customer service, reduced our daily route planning effort by 70 percent, and gained centralized visibility and control across all our distribution operations,” said Colin Corbett, SVP Warehouse and Distribution at Young’s Market.

Cloud-based routing from Sci-Log is modernizing delivery management in the beverage industry. It’s the only route optimization software that integrates delivery strategy and distribution network design with daily route planning operations. In addition to optimizing product delivery routes, beverage companies can use Sci-Log to synchronize merchandiser account service schedules with product delivery schedules, and manage their sales routes day-by-day, as new accounts are won or rescheduled or transferred between sales representatives.

With Sci-Log’s powerful optimization abilities beverage distributors can reduce distribution costs, shrink planning effort, improve service and standardize business processes.