Innovative Software Helps US Foods Improve Freight Performance

ArrowStream Crossbow enables organizations to increase savings through a proactive approach to logistics management.

Supply chain Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider ArrowStream, Inc., announced this week that it has partnered with US Foods, Inc., to help US Foods enhance its inbound logistics processes by using its Crossbow technology to implement a sustainable approach to identify, monitor, and measure these improvements across functions.

"We had seen enormous potential in working with upstream replenishment patterns to improve downstream freight efficiency," said Gautam Grover, Vice President of Operations Strategy at US Foods. "We also knew that we were just scratching the surface of what could be achieved if we could find the optimal patterns and then fully align our people and processes around seizing the opportunity."

With Crossbow, US Foods has moved from a reactive execution environment to a cohesive planning process across both replenishment and logistics. As a result, US Foods is far more responsive to changes in its network and has expanded inbound freight volumes while delivering higher returns. In addition, US Foods has created better communication strategy and alignment between the Purchasing and Logistics teams, providing the right information for decision-making throughout the entire product flow.

"Utilizing Crossbow, we were able to deliver a higher level of performance," said Grover. "ArrowStream's team has worked with us as a true partner to integrate the Crossbow technology and process into our inbound logistics network. This technology implementation has been hugely successful."

"US Foods has greatly enhanced its ability to truly manage its inbound network by aligning daily decisions across teams to common performance goals," said Steven LaVoie, CEO of ArrowStream. "US Foods has been a terrific partner, and we are thrilled to support a team that is committed to the highest levels of success in logistics."

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