PAR Launches New Food Safety Monitoring Solution On iOS

The new SureCheck Intelligent Checklist and Food Safety (HAACP) Platform offers expanded global capabilities and is now available on iOS.

ParTech, Inc., has announced the new release and availability of PAR EverServ SureCheck V6 food safety monitoring and intelligent checklist solution, which includes more than 50 new features and enhancements, and is now iOS compatible, to improve global capabilities and offer more device flexibility.

SureCheck is a mobile client-based, automated solution that provides checklist management for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) food safety programs and employee-assigned tasks. The focus was on device flexibility and globalization, so the two most notable enhancements include its iOS compatibility and increased global capabilities. SureCheck is now available across both platforms, and when its used for temperature measurement, the iOS version of SureCheck also works with the iCelsius inspection probe.

It also supports foreign language and metric measurements, and the mobile device application and reports can be configured to display in 11 different locales/languages? and measurement types (metric and imperial).

"Expanding SureCheck capabilities to iOS devices offers our customers an alternative option to reduce their investment and promote the return on investment (ROI)," said Karen Sammon, President, ParTech, Inc. "Our customers often refer to PAR's SureCheck technology as transformational based on the significant impact it has made on their food safety programs including accuracy, efficiency and economies of scale."

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