Logistics’ Most Tedious Task Just Got Easier

Freight claims is now easier with TranSolutions’ newly updated freight claim management software, MyEZClaim.

MyEZClaim consists of one comprehensive freight claim management system which organizes shipment information, creates a universally accepted claim form, records payments and generates reminder letters based on claim status.

MyEZClaim’s recent updates provide users with greater control over the system. Users are now able to attach notes and documents marked for internal purposes only, which will not appear on the claim sent to the carrier. System administrators can also create user profiles, which automatically set claims as “pending”, making it easier to check a new hire’s work.

Technical updates include compatibility testing across browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.

The newest version of MyEZClaim also includes enhanced productivity tools and automations, such as automatically including the claim rep’s electronic signature and carrier contact information on carrier letters. Large reports that take time to generate are now scheduled to run automatically, sending an email alert when the report is completed. Also, priority flags allow users to track claims based on urgency, avoiding costly missed deadlines.

Perhaps the most powerful part of the tool is that it enables users to mine their data for trends, enabling them to identify and correct problem routes or carriers. New updates allow users to filter and search on additional fields; for example, users are able to map their data, and then filter by carrier or claim type. Users can now search for claims by Bill of Lading, Company, Claimant, Shipper, Consignee, or Carrier. In total, the tool provides over 80 automatically generated reports and enables further filtering on over 150 different variables.

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