HighJump Software Announces Another Partnership with Unisun

HighJump's EDI solution enables Unisun ENVIO customers to easily and cost-effectively meet EDI mandates from grocery chains

Global supply chain management software provider HighJump Software announced another partnership with Unisun Software, a provider of produce inventory management and accounting software for the packer-grower-shipper industry yesterday. HighJump's electronic data interchange (EDI) platform TrueCommerce EDI can now be used with Unisun’s ENVIO software giving customers value-added solution for packer-grower-shippers looking to cut operational costs.

This strategic partnership will enable ENVIO customers to easily integrate their inventory management with EDI—making it simple and cost-effective to comply with EDI mandates from customers, while also streamlining order processing activities to reduce manual effort, enhance productivity and improve service to customers.

“Integrating EDI with inventory management and accounting functions eliminates the need to rekey data into the EDI system. That means reduced errors and greater responsiveness to trading partners,” said Nick Manolis, Senior Vice President and General Manager, HighJump TrueCommerce EDI. “With our integrated EDI solution, ENVIO customers can now automatically receive purchase orders from their trading partners directly into their accounting systems—and automatically generate the invoice – thereby increasing productivity and the order to cash process.” To read more, click HERE.