Orion Energy Systems Takes Lighting Motion Controls To A Smarter, Safer Level

Basic motion sensors are now staples in many food distribution centers and freezers.

But most of these simple sensors have serious limitations, unlike Orion’s industry-leading, max-efficiency “Smart Motion” technology.

For starters, typical commercial motion sensors work on a per-fixture basis, which means each individual sensor must detect motion before each individual fixture can react.

In addition, most sensors work on an all-on or all-off basis. A sensor attached to a fixture must detect movement below, and turn the fixture on. When the movement ceases, the light turns off. Period.

Orion’s options are much more sophisticated and yield much higher energy savings for companies that adopt this cutting edge strategy. As an added bonus, Orion’s technology creates much safer and more comfortable industrial working environments.

Orion’s “Smart Motion” uses patent-pending “Blaster™” technology, which allows multiple fixtures in a zone to communicate via radio signal and illuminate an entire area accordingly. Imagine the real-life example of a busy forklift operator heading down an aisle. Most motion control setups involve each fixture turning on as the forklift approaches. Sometimes, the forklift “outdrives” the lighting. That’s certainly not a safe gameplan, especially given today’s litigious society. With “Smart Motion,” fixtures turn on ahead of approaching traffic.

Another safety feature involves the option of keeping lights on at a baseline low level during a facility’s operating hours. When occupancy is detected, Orion’s “Smart Motion” tells the lights to ramp up to 100 percent for ideal working conditions.

So versatile and sophisticated is Orion’s “Blaster” technology, lighting timeout controls can even be adjusted to vary depending on what type of work is done in a specific zone. In a high-traffic, almost-always-busy area of a plant, lighting can be set to stay on longer between motion events. In a less-active part of the facility, timeout controls that bring the lighting back down to low can be much more aggressively set.

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