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Radley's B2B (Business to Business) product, iR*EDI® (pronounced EYE-red-ee) is the core solution on Radley's EDI eCommerce Platform. With an intuitive and configurable user interface, iR*EDI helps users automate and streamline business processes while significantly reducing costs. Built for integration, iR*EDI easily integrates into existing infrastructures and ERP systems. Documents, such as invoices, purchase orders and advance ship notices (ASN), can be integrated from any application on a scheduled or on-demand basis. Radley supports past and present messaging technologies from file drops to web services to exchange transactions. Monitor EDI activities from Radley's intelligence dashboard, Business Activity Monitor (BAM), and receive real-time alerts and notifications for communication failures or build errors. View volumes of data that will allow you to measure and evaluate improvements, and identify process bottlenecks and failures to make better business decisions.

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