SmartCarrier Previewed at Swisslog's Solutions Summit 2011

Newport News, VA: Swisslog Warehouse & Distribution Solutions just previewed the newest generation shuttle system for the storage and transport of items in totes and trays.

SmartCarrier, which has previously been available in Europe, was introduced to the North American market at Swisslog's Solutions Summit 2011 held in late October. More than twenty-five select end users participated in the Summit, receiving a private introduction to SmartCarrier.

SmartCarrier is exceptional for its ability to consolidate and release product at high rates in required sequences. Goods are presented at ergonomic Goods-to-Person picking stations either directly by shuttle vehicles or connecting conveyors. The light weight, autonomously operating shuttles deliver an excellent weight/payload ratio for rapid and efficient movement of goods. The system incorporates extreme modularity and flexibility, lower capital investment requirements compared to other shuttle systems along with increased energy efficiency.

Swisslog's SmartCarrier solution will be formally released to the general North American market at MODEX in February, 2012.

The Summit also showcased working demonstrations of AutoStore, a 3D modular robotic bin system, used for high efficiency goods-to-person piece and small case picking, along with Swisslog's AGVPick technology which delivers improved productivity over traditional case picking systems.

A tour of Swisslog's most recently completed automated distribution center at Schreiber Foods' Shippensburg, Pennsylvania facility was an integral part of the Summit. Participants were able to review first-hand the latest designs in an actual working environment.

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