eFuture Develops Total Logistics Management Solutions

Beijing: eFuture Information Technology Inc is currently in the process of implementing a large-scale total logistics management solutions project for Beijing Jingxinlong Medicine Distribution Co., Ltd., a major pharmaceutical distributor in Beijing.

Beginning in the second half of 2010, eFuture has signed multiple contracts with Beijing Jingxinlong covering end-to-end logistics management solutions. The contracts encompass the design of Beijing Jingxinlong's distribution centers, planning its logistics procedures and implementation of the logistics management system, and include logistics consulting service contracts, warehouse management software system contracts, and digital picking equipment contracts.

eFuture was selected by Beijing Jingxinlong for its industry leading position, track record of success in logistics IT systems and software and, more importantly, eFuture's ability to provide not only software, but a total solution spanning consulting, design, delivery and after-sales support. eFuture's logistics software and solutions enhance clients' competitive positioning by integrating industry know-how with predictive information technologies and best practices to increase efficiency, boost cost savings and ultimately drive profit growth.

Adam Yan, chairman and CEO of eFuture, comments: "We have received highly positive feedback from Beijing Jingxinlong since we began implementing logistics management solutions for the Company in 2010. This has led to an expansion of our relationship with Beijing Jingxinlong which has resulted in the signing of additional contracts this year. The deepening of relationships with existing clients forms an important element of our growth strategy, and helps us continue to achieve above-industry growth rates, as well as further enhancing our leading market share in the retail and consumer goods software and services industry."