OMC Names New Operating Officer And Introduces New Products

Fresh food deserves fresher technology.

That's the new vision of Order-Matic Electronics Corporation, a global technology company based in Del City, Oklahoma. Through partnerships with other cutting-edge companies like Syntactics, Qlikview, NCR, Vizio, Popstar, Techknow, HP, Dell, and Samsung, Order-Matic is solidifying its position as the top POS system for drive-up and drive-through fast food restaurants.

Leading this charge is the executive vice president, Robby Powell. A Houston, TX, native, Powell has made Oklahoma his home since attending Oklahoma Baptist University on a basketball scholarship. He and his wife live in Oklahoma City with their three children.

Drawing from the experience of his seventeen-year career in the fast-food technology industry, Powell has spent the past few years learning the Order-Matic product line as the national sales director. With the recent resignation of Order-Matic's president, Powell is now the chief operating officer. To this role he brings a new vision for the future of Order-Matic: fresher concepts, quicker service, and faster technology.

Order-Matic has been the primary technology partner with Sonic stores for over 55 years. Thriving during economic recessions is hard for any company, but Order-Matic has fought through ten economic recessions and is still operating strong today. With a client base that reaches from coast-to-coast, this is no small feat.

In the past Order-Matic has received criticism from would-be competitors for having outdated technology. According to Powell, this is an inaccurate representation.

"We are cutting edge," he says. "Order-Matic builds things to last, so many stores are able to operate with older systems. But our current line is genius. Customers love it. Look around…no one else offers the quality, service, and technology that Order-Matic has. That's why so many stores use and prefer Order-Matic."

With new vision comes a new product line. With a new operating system already in place in select stores, the accompanying new products will be unveiled at the 2011 Sonic Convention. These new products are the result of Powell's leadership and Order-Matic's time-tested commitment to excellence. Visit to learn more.