House Foods Adds Super Firm Tofu Varieties To Growing Family Of Products

Garden Grove, CA: House Foods America has expanded its non-GMO product line with new Super Firm Tofu and Super Firm Cubed Tofu available in Premium and Organic varieties.

The products will be rolled out in supermarkets and health food stores nationwide starting mid to late summer 2011. A special event featuring House Foods brand ambassador Steve Smith, the NFL All-Pro wide receiver, helped kick-off the product launch.

"House Foods created Super Firm Tofu and Super Firm Cubed Tofu to meet the needs of health-conscious American consumers," says Yoko Difrancia, marketing supervisor at House Foods America Corporation. "Just in time for grilling season, this protein-packed, easy-to-use super food will be the hit of barbeques nationwide."

The new House Foods Super Firm product family will come in unique orange packaging to set it apart from the other firmness levels. House Foods Tofu Steak in Grilled and Garlic & Pepper varieties will be repackaged and introduced as part of the Organic and Premium Super Firm line.

"As a professional athlete, getting the right amount of protein in my diet is very important to me," says New York All-Pro wide receiver Steve Smith. "I've found House Foods Super Firm Tofu to not only be high in healthy protein, but also tastes great. It's my hope that America's wing eating football fans give tofu a chance like I did, because I'm confident they'll all be pleasantly surprised."

Menu ideas using the House Foods Super Firm Tofu family include:

  • Super Firm Plain- House Food's newest and firmest tofu makes perfect tofu burgers, tofu parmesan subs and sandwiches, and lettuce wraps.
  • Super Firm Cubed- Everything you love about House Foods Tofu perfectly cubed for cooking ease and convenience. Ideal tofu pad Thai, tofu salads, and tofu curries.
  • Super Firm Grilled- Nutritious and delicious tofu with grill marks is perfect for tofu and tomato skewers, tofu wraps, and teriyaki rice bowls.
  • Super Firm Garlic and Pepper- Takes the guess work out of seasoning and skip the marinade. Great for tofu mixed green salad and pan fried tofu steak with sauce.