Tompkins Associates, Oco Combine Supply Chain Benchmarks And Analytics

SaaS business intellegence solution delivers strategic insights from vertical-market metrics.

Waltham, MA and Raleigh, NC: Oco Inc. and Tompkins Associates have announced a partnership that includes the integration of Tompkins Associates’ vertical-market benchmark metrics with Oco’s supply-chain analytics.

Users of the Oco supply-chain analytics solutions, which include inventory, transportation, supplier performance, distribution, cost-to-serve, profitability analysis and manufacturing operations functions, will have access to benchmark data from the 500+ member companies of the Tompkins Associates' Supply Chain Consortium.

Users will benefit from metrics from specific segments within the consumer packaged goods (CPG), industrial, hi-tech, retail, pharmaceutical, and logistics service provider vertical markets.

AMR Research recently identified Tompkins Associates' Supply Chain Consortium as one of the pre-eminent and most diverse sources for supply chain benchmarking in North America. Through the Tompkins-Oco partnership, customers will gain comprehensive insights into their global operations, benchmark their supply chains and improve both their top and bottom lines.

“Incorporating Tompkins Associates benchmark data with Oco’s best-in-class supply-chain analytics leverages the SaaS model to provide customers with a rapidly deployed, rich set of analytics,” says Jim Tompkins, president and CEO, Tompkins Associates. “This integration will allow customers to quickly compare their aggregated company performance to a relevant peer set and to easily identify their lagging and best performing products, regions, customers, distribution centers, plants, carriers and suppliers. Our joint users will benefit from a richer, data-driven methodology that delivers improved root cause analysis, best practice leverage and strategic resource prioritization.”

“Partnering with Tompkins Associates extends Oco’s supply chain analytics with a unique and compelling vertical-market focus,” says William Copacino, president and CEO, Oco Inc. “After adding Tompkins’ benchmark metrics to Oco’s on-demand BI Applications, our customers will gain a valuable, new level of insight into business performance and receive rapid payback on their Oco investment, typically within 90 days.”

“Welch’s is looking forward to the inclusion of the Tompkins Associates’ benchmark metrics in our existing Oco analytics applications and comparing our key transportation operations performance metrics to our peers,” says Bill Coyne, Director of Strategic Sourcing, Welch Foods. Welch’s was named the Supply Chain Performance Leader by Ventana Research in 2009, in recognition of its use of Oco's business intelligence BI solutions to achieve greater supply chain performance.