Associated Wholesale Grocers Adding Nutrition Keys On Private Label Food Products

Front-of-pack labeling part of nationwide movement.

Kansas City, KS: Grocery shoppers in 24 states where Best Choice and Always Save food products are sold will soon discover a more convenient way to learn nutritional facts on the product they’re considering to purchase.

Associated Wholesale Grocers, distributor of the two private-label products, is embracing the voluntary move in conjunction with the Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, to modify food product labeling as a way to join first lady Michelle Obama’s fight against childhood obesity. Nutritional information will soon be found on the front of the package and easily spotted.

“Even though the label modification is strictly voluntary, we believe it is an important and essential step in helping consumers make healthy choices when making food purchases,” says Jerry Garland, Associated Wholesale Grocers president and CEO. “This service will help our members who sell Best Choice and Always Save also demonstrate a commitment to their loyal customers that they too care about healthy lifestyles.”

The front-of-pack labeling will include nutrition keys that summarize important information from the nutritional facts typically found on the back or side panel of the food product. The new, easy-to-read keys will include four icons with information on calories, saturated fat, sodium and sugars. Depending on the product and available space, it may include just the calorie icon.

“We are working with our design teams and well on our way to modifying the labels on the 3,000-some food products that we distribute,” adds Garland. “Certainly this doesn’t happen overnight, but we expect to start rolling out the first of the front-of-pack labels in the next 160 days and then continue on for the next 12 months.”