Lower Cost Of Ownership For Medium Duty Truck Buyers With FUSO's New Ride

The class 4 Canter FE160 Crew Cab offers upgrades in payload, efficiency, comfort, aesthetics and value in a commercial truck.

Logan Township, NJ: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America Inc. has unveiled its 2012 4-door Canter FE Crew Cab model. The model offers the same advanced, highly efficient powertrain as the standard-cab Canter FEs.

And for 2012, the GVWR has risen to 15,995 lb. and maximum body length has increased to 19', giving this hard-working truck the capacity to carry a crew of seven, plus a substantial amount of gear.

Yet its Mitsubishi Fuso cabover heritage is noticeable. Inside, the instrument panel has been refined, with a digital display that gives the operator every detail of vehicle operation, fluid level and system status at a glance. The cab is fully trimmed; interior space and amenities have been improved, and storage areas increased, so a crew of seven can ride to the job site in comfort.

Add an appropriate body, and this new crew cab from Mitsubishi Fuso will be ideal for any vocation where a full work crew is required, including landscaping, highway maintenance, municipal work and more.

According to Todd Bloom, president and CEO of MFTA, “Our new Canter FE Crew Cab offers a higher payload than competitive class 4 crew cabs, by as much as 1815 lb., while providing smooth performance. And its improved fuel economy, longer service intervals, and stronger warranty protection work together to deliver lower cost of ownership to those who buy one.”

For 2012, Mitsubishi Fuso has combined a new engine, new transmission and new emissions treatment system into the FE160 Crew Cab’s standard powertrain, boosting efficiency while maintaining the performance and rugged reliability Mitsubishi Fuso trucks have become known for.

With its new 4P10 dual-overhead-cam, dual-balance-shaft, dual-turbocharged, intercooled 4-cylinder diesel engine coupled to an advanced Mitsubishi Fuso 6-speed, DUONIC transmission, the Canter FE160 Crew Cab provides smooth efficient operation and car-like drivability all day, no matter how tough the duty.

Emissions for this advanced drivetrain are managed by Daimler Commercial Truck’s proven BlueTec emissions control (SCR/DPF) technology. The result is a powerplant that meets EPA10 emissions standards, offers an 18,000 mile recommended service interval, and boasts the best warranty protection in the medium-duty truck industry.

Dual-caliper, hydraulically actuated disc brakes with vacuum servo assist and ABS are standard at all four wheels. The parking brake is a drum/driveline, internal-expanding-shoe type.

In addition to the drivetrain improvements, Mitsubishi Fuso has completely restyled all of its Canter FE models for 2012, including the Canter FE160 Crew Cab. Improved function, though, has guided the refinements in aesthetics, according to Leighton Good, manager of product and applications at MFTA.

“A large windshield and deeply sculpted door windows not only improve the aesthetic profile of the 2012 model,” says Good, “but also improve driver visibility. In fact, line of sight from the driver’s eye level to the street in front of the Canter FE is only 8 ft., compared to up to 25 ft. for a conventional class 4 truck. In addition, compact halogen headlamps allow sculpted fender profiles, but their greatest contribution is to improved nighttime visibility.”

According to Good, the cab’s smooth V-shaped frontal surfaces have been joined almost seamlessly with the side panels and grille. Not only does this lend an air of refined styling, but also helps reduce wind noise. Even the engine air intake uses a noise-reducing snorkel design with dry paper element to help make the cabin quieter and less fatiguing for the driver and up to six passengers.

New driver and passenger comfort features have been designed with business improvements in mind.

“Many class 4 work truck drivers do not come to their jobs with truck-driver training, so car-like operating characteristics may help to speed a new driver’s trip up the learning curve and may contribute to improved productivity,” says Good.

With its full bench second-row seat, the Canter FE160 Crew Cab becomes the roomiest class 4 cabover crew cab in the industry, with ample space for the driver plus two passengers up front, and four passengers in the rear. A separate rear heater control provides added comfort in harsh winter conditions.

For better visibility to the sides and rear, Mitsubishi Fuso offers standard split door mirrors, with convex surface mirroring on the lower section to increase the driver’s view of objects adjacent to the vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Fuso Crew Cab doors continue the use of the company’s unique offset hinge, which opens to 70-degrees, then pushes forward several inches. The result: driver and passenger access equal to a 90° opening, but with limited extension of the door into traffic or curb-side obstructions.

The FE160 Crew Cab has a 169.3" or 187.0" wheelbase, and can accommodate 12' to 19' bodies. Tilt and telescoping steering wheel adjustments are made with one control lever that allows the driver to quickly adjust the steering wheel to his or her best driving position. Instrumentation is easy to read, day or night, and the most important instruments and gauges are located in direct line of sight. Daytime running lights are standard, and doors include internal crush bars, to help increase frontal-impact protection. Extra storage compartments are available in the cab area and an enclosed storage area is available under the rear seat.

The FE160 Crew Cab is available in five cab colors — Arcadia Silver, Natural White, Jupiter Green, Mars Red and Shannon Blue. Standard seating surfaces are blue cloth.

While the engine, transmission and emissions treatment systems in the new, advanced-technology Canter FE/FG Series trucks has changed, the strongest warranty protection in the medium-duty truck business hasn’t. The full line of Canter FEs and FGs include a 3-year/unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty, a 4-year/unlimited mileage rust-through warranty, and an exclusive 5-year/175,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. And the 5-year warranty includes most bolt-on components as well as wetted driveline components.