The 2017 FL100+

Food Logistics' annual list honors the software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain.

2017 Fl100+

Food Logistics’ annual list honors the software and technology providers that ensure a safe, efficient and reliable global food and beverage supply chain. Those who made notable contributions in 2017 are listed below.

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Year Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 30
Number of Food/Bev Customers: Varies
Solution Name(s): 360data B2B Integrator, 360data TMS, 360data OMS
Worth Noting: 360data's TMS can have you up and running in as little as 30 days providing a complete transportation management solution, including automated rules based optimization, real-time shipment visibility, payment & settlement tools as well as freight claims management. 360data's B2B Inegrator is a high-powered smart EDI solution allowing you to easily communicate with your customers and suppliers, or link internal legacy systems.   


Year Founded: 2013
Number of Employees: 75
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 8
Solution Name(s): 3G-TM
Worth Noting: 3G-TM is the only transportation management system (TMS) that enables customers to self-configure the solution to their own business needs without needing a vendor to make changes. In addition, 3GTMS’ integration tools allow customers to shave weeks off typical integration times, thanks to built-in integration specific to their TMS, a library of templates and pre-established connections to most major LTL carriers.

10-4 Systems

Year Founded: 2012
Number of Employees: 50
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 7
Solution Name(s): Enterprise Freight Portal
Worth Noting: 10-4 Systems holds an exclusive partnership with Riskpulse, a supply chain risk analytics company, enabling customers to visualize shipment risk on a map and know the environmental threats posed to shipments with a cargo-specific risk score up to 10 days in advance. The solution allows customers to receive context-relevant insights needed to proactively mitigate risks to shipments by adjusting shipment timing, routes, equipment or even modes before cargo is loaded.

AFS Technologies

Year Founded: 1983
Number of Employees: 500+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 1,000
Solution Name(s): AFS ERP, AFS Warehouse Management System, AFS Order Management System, AFS Electronic Proof of Delivery, AFS Retail Execution, AFS G2 Analytics, AFS Gateway
Worth Noting: The AFS Warehouse Management System (WMS) for distribution centers offers functionality at a fraction of the total cost of ownership associated with other enterprise-level systems. The WMS’s Tier 1 functionality, which includes integrated labor standards, voice picking, traceability, dynamic slotting and 3PL billing, maximizes productivity and ensures inventory accuracy.

Allen Lund Company

Year Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 450+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 1,200
Solution Name(s): Truck Load, LTL TMS, Spot Pricing, Scheduling
Worth Noting: Backed by more than 40 years of freight transportation industry expertise, ALC understands the demands and challenges the food and beverage industry faces every day. Their software is designed to help customers effectively and efficiently address those demands by simplifying the processes involved in managing their transportation and supply chain network.


Year Founded: 1993
Number of Employees: 100+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 20
Solution Name(s): Arkieva Demand Planner, Inventory Planner, Supply Planner, S&OP Central
Worth Noting: Arkieva does not employ a one-size-fits-all approach, even when working with similar businesses. The Arkieva supply chain planning solution is configured to capture the uniqueness of a businesses’ current operations, making it easier to see improved results in less time.

BluJay Solutions

Year Founded: 1977
Number of Employees: 1,080
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 800+
Solution Name(s): BluJay Transportation Management, Fleet Management, Yard Management, Warehouse Management, Customs Management, Compliance Solutions, Control Tower, Logistics as a Service
Worth Noting: Over the past 18 months, BluJay has attained several significant milestones, including an exclusive partnership with Lineage Logistics, synching BluJay’s industry-leading transportation solution and Lineage’s nationwide cold storage network to optimize customers’ end-to-end supply chains and drive dramatic cost savings. In addition, BluJay has fully integrated their product portfolio, delivering a seamless customer experience and a modern, intuitive user interface.

CAMS Software Corporation

Year Founded: 1997
Number of Employees: 27
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 100+
Solution Name(s): Prospero Outbound, Prospero Inbound, Prospero Mobi, CAMS Professional
Worth Noting: Purpose-built for the logistics-intensive grocery industry, Prospero Solutions’ comprehensive platform helps clients make strategic, cost-saving decisions by delivering integrated, real-time data from varied sources. Prospero combines a 100-percent deployment success rate and a customer support team with deep industry expertise to give transportation professionals the confidence and visibility they need to support optimal transportation efficiency.


Year Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 250+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 1,000+
Solution Name(s): CaseStack Retailer Consolidation Programs
Worth Noting: CaseStack’s WMS allows full data security and 24/7 visibility of a supplier’s supply chain processes. It’s web-based platform gives each customer the ability to place orders, track shipments, monitor SKU levels, specify item and order attributes, dictate inventory levels, and forecast future needs, ensuring every customers’ supply chain distribution network is handled efficiently and in a secure environment.

CASS Information Systems

Year Founded: 1908
Number of Employees: 1,035
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 25
Solution Name(s): Freight audit, payment and business intelligence services
Worth Noting: While there are a number of challenges facing the food and beverage industry, one that continues to be important is its low-profit margins. Cass’ services are designed to help keep transportation expenses down and provide efficiencies and better decision-making capability to help increase margins. By providing actionable information, Cass’ customers have visibility to all of their transportation.

Demand Management

Year Founded: 1985
Number of Employees: 32
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 153
Solution Name(s): Demand Solutions DSX
Worth Noting: Designed to run on Azure, a cloud service from Microsoft, Demand Solutions DSX is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for manufacturers and distributors. The system was designed to increase forecast accuracy, improve customer service levels, and reduce inventory to maximize profits and lower costs.

GPS Insight

Year Founded: 2005
Number of Employees: 136
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 268
Solution Name(s): GPS Insight Fleet Tracking & E-Log Solutions
Worth Noting: GPS Insight provides tailored telematics solutions and award-winning customer service to ensure challenges are overcome and goals are met. Rather than offer an out-of-the-box solution, GPS Insight makes sure that it is set up to work for that particular customer. GPS Insight works diligently to provide customers with the most flexible solutions and best customer experience on the market.

Highway 905

Year Founded: 1993
Number of Employees: 40+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 1
Solution Name(s): Highway 905 WMS, Highway 905 TMS, Highway 905 STAS, Highway 905 GPM
Worth Noting: Highway 905’s cloud-based model enables high scalability, enhanced end-to-end real-time visibility—from inbound orders to inventories to shipments to last-mile deliveries—and boosts all-around operational efficiencies with a smarter analytics-driven, decision-making framework. The results? More on-time deliveries, reduced logistics costs and optimized order fulfillment.


Year Founded: 2002
Number of Employees: 27
Number of Food/Bev Customers: Several hundred
Solution Name(s): Freshtime
Worth Noting: While Freshtime solutions function like standard temperature loggers, providing temperature alerts, logs and reports for regulatory compliance, its added value is in enabling users to easily associate business data with temperature and shelf data. In addition, Infratab’s tags are able to monitor the ambient temperature of a space while also monitoring the product temperature of a perishable item in that space.

Interlink Technologies

Year Founded: 1986
Number of Employees: N/A
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 30 percent
Solution Name(s): Warehouse-LINK
Worth Noting: Interlink Technologies has invested a lot of effort in the backbone integrity of Warehouse-LINK’s software design, which includes system-wide flexibility and scalability without the need for additional programming effort and expense. In addition, Warehouse-LINK is easy to use, so workers can quickly adapt and learn to use the system.

Intrigo Systems

Year Founded: 2009
Number of Employees: 130+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 7
Solution Name(s): SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP), SAP Ariba, SAP S/4HANA, SAP Hybris
Worth Noting: Intrigo has unparalleled expertise delivering solutions that span the entire range of extended supply chain solutions. They have partnered and co-innovated with SAP in the design and development of several solutions, resulting in major cost reductions and efficiency gains.

Johanson Transportation Service (JTS)

Year Founded: 1971
Number of Employees: 88
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 225
Solution Name(s): FreightOptixx TMS
Worth Noting: Since its initial launch, JTS has made new enhancements and improvements to the carrier functionality of the TMS, which include the ability to seamlessly rate LTL with dimensional rate programs, improved functionality of the perishable full truckload process to allow for multiple pick-up consolidation and real-time tracking with Macropoint, and the addition of a carrier portal for use on any mobile device.


Year Founded: 2008
Number of Employees: 85
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 40
Solution Name(s): Kuebix TMS
Worth Noting: Kuebix TMS offers a variety of enterprise applications that empower food shippers to optimize their unique supply chains. Their transportation management system is also cloud-based and offers low total cost of ownership and seamless integrations with any internal or third-party system. Additionally, Kuebix freight experts provide managed services to enterprises looking to partially or fully outsource transportation management.


Year Founded: 2008
Number of Employees: 78
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 175
Solution Name(s): Nucleus
Worth Noting:  LoadDelivered crafts their technology solutions for each individual customer, tailoring it to fit their precise needs. They integrate with their customers’ systems in as little as 24 hours and build custom robots that help manage their loads from start to finish        


Year Founded: 1990
Number of Employees: 34
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 1,520
Solution Name(s): entree
Worth Noting: NECS’ entree line of software is dedicated to filling the ERP needs of food service distributors. More than 1,500 food distributors run their operation with entrée, a Windows-based, food service distribution software.

PAR Technology 

Year Founded: 1978
Number of Employees: 700
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 6,000+ sites 
Solution Name(s): SureCheck Food Safety Solution
Worth Noting: PAR’s SureCheck solution helps business owners ensure they are meeting FDA regulated standards. This innovative device reassures that restaurants, grocery stores and food distributors are in consistent compliance and eliminates procedural risks.


Year Founded: 1994
Number of Employees: 500
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 35 customers; 60,000 subscribers
Solution Name(s): N/A
Worth Noting: In addition to providing solutions specific to the food services industry, PeopleNet’s ConnectedFleet platform provides connectivity to a variety of devices, such as in-cab displays, mobile devices and wearables. Users can access vehicle or third-party data, such as weather, traffic patterns, dispatch events, route connections and video for streaming. This connectivity helps fleets increase efficiencies, drive compliance and improve driver safety.

PLM Trailer Leasing

Year Founded: 1972
Number of Employees: 110
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 950
Solution Name(s): PLM’s ColdLink
Worth Noting: PLM’s ColdLink telematics solution provides dual satellite-cellular communication capabilities and all of the reports, events and alarms needed to provide superior refrigerated transportation services to reduce fleet operating costs and ensure regulatory compliance. PLM takes a unique approach in working together with customers to develop KPIs on what data to measure to achieve the goal of saving time and money.

ProCat Distribution Technologies

Year Founded: 2001
Number of Employees: 18
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 175
Solution Name(s): PickRight, ReceiveRight, LoadRight, ShipRight, ReturnRight, CountRight, StockRight, CodeRight, TaxRight
Worth Noting: The ProCat solutions suite offers total operation control, enhancing every aspect of the distribution center, from receiving, cycle counting, WMS, order picking, truck loading and delivery. PickRight’s simplicity, combined with a variety of sophisticated features, makes it easy to implement, learn and use.


Year Founded: 1997
Number of Employees: 1,500+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: N/A
Solution Name(s): Quintiq Logistics Planner
Worth Noting: One of the biggest supply chain challenges facing the food and beverage industry is the need to drive down cost while simultaneously improving customer/client service. Quintiq’s Logistics Planner solution is uniquely positioned to meet this challenge, thanks to its world-record breaking optimization technology, which efficiently places the most shipments onto the fewest number of trucks, while taking into account many constraints.

The Raymond Corporation

Year Founded: 1922
Number of Employees: 2,000+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: N/A
Solution Name(s): iWAREHOUSE Essential, Enterprise, Gateway and Evolution, iTRACK
Worth Noting: iWAREHOUSE Evolution is the newest product in The Raymond Corporation’s iWAREHOUSE fleet management and warehouse optimization system. iWAREHOUSE Evolution provides vital analytics tools for warehouse managers, allowing them to promote operator accountability and monitor compliance, risk management and metrics for their industrial vehicle fleet, operators and batteries. This single scalable solution provides an easy upgrade path as an operation’s needs evolve and grow.

Ryder System Inc.

Year Founded: 1933
Number of Employees: 34,500
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 3,000+
Solution Name(s): Ryder Dedicated, Ryder ChoiceLease, Ryder SelectCare, RyderShare
Worth Noting: Ryder’s newest tool, RyderShare, is a data agnostic, cloud-based platform that provides visibility across all modes of transportation in a network. RyderShare is particularly useful to food and beverage customers transporting temperature-sensitive product, as it connects to a telematics device with temperature control sensors that track vibration and alerts the customer if there is a change in temperature en route.

SafetyChain Software

Year Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: 100+
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 100+
Solution Name(s): SafetyChain Supplier Compliance, SafetyChain Food Safety Management, SafetyChain Food Quality Management, SafetyChain CIP Optimization, SafetyChain Material Loss
Worth Noting: SafetyChain Analytics delivers robust reporting, trending and management dashboards, providing customers with live insights and business intelligence across their food safety and quality operations. SafetyChain Analytics also includes Statistical Process Control (SPC), providing a holistic real-time view of a company’s food safety and quality data.

Safeway Management Group

Year Founded: 2004
Number of Employees: 11
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 65
Solution Name(s): Quality Management System, Food Safety/HACCP Plans, Transportation Safety Program, Workplace Safety Program, Electronic File Maintenance, Document Control, E-Training
Worth Noting: SMG understands their customers have many technology choices, but believes no one in the business matches their expert support toward making the product work for the customer. Their dedicated staff is proud to brand SMG the “Software-Plus Company.” Through their administrative support and consultation, SMG has fostered long-term relationships with customers by leveraging their products to support their specific needs. Whether it’s safety, quality or compliance, SMG is committed to helping their clients make these programs integral to daily operations.

Seagull Scientific

Year Founded: 1985
Number of Employees: 160
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 4,000+
Solution Name(s): BarTender by Scientific Seagull
Worth Noting: While BarTender manages the supply chain labeling of many of the world’s largest food companies, many boutique-sized food and beverage manufacturers use BarTender for every labeling process in their operation, including supply chain optimization and tracking, compliance and nutrition labels, UPC generation, and even prime labeling.


Year Founded: 1990
Number of Employees: 950
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 25,000
Solution Name(s): TempTale Temperature Dataloggers, ColdStream Quality & Compliance Solutions, SensiWatch Logistics Performance Management Solutions, SensiGuard Cargo Security Solutions, Greenlight Quality Software Solutions
Worth Noting: TempTale GEO provides real-time visibility for temperature and location to support both logistics and quality. Sensitech’s software gives an advance indication to all supply chain partners of where product is located and when it will arrive, as well as reducing risk by enabling active intervention to address correctable temperature deviations before they impact product quality.

Service First Logistics (SFL)

Year Founded: 2011
Number of Employees: 41
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 500+
Solution Name(s): SFL Powered by Turvo
Worth Noting: SFL says their competitive differentiator is their company culture. The core values that SFL lives and works by every day give them their name, Service First. Integrity, team work, ambition and exceptional service drives everything behind their technology solution and the goal of bringing transparency to the food and beverage supply chain.

SSI Schaefer

Year Founded: 1937
Number of Employees: 10,000
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 300
Solution Name(s): WAMAS
Worth Noting: The WAMAS warehouse management system by SSI Schaefer provides waveless order optimization that keeps operators and equipment fully utilized throughout an entire shift. Plus, WAMAS dynamically responds to any changes within the warehouse and automatically handles last-minute, high-priority orders with existing orders. WAMAS provides a flexible software solution for both small and large warehouse and distribution centers.

System Logistics

Year Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 13,346
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 50+
Solution Name(s): ASRS, Mini Load, Layer Picking, SYSTOR, AGV, WMS, WCS
Worth Noting: With a special focus on the food and beverage industry, System Logistics develops tailor-made solutions of automated storage and picking for customers, which include stacker cranes, material handling, software and services. Most of the technologies they use in their solutions are fully developed and engineered, produced and installed by System Logistics. Therefore, they have complete mastery of the process.

Systems Logic

Year Founded: 2002
Number of Employees: 16
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 20
Solution Name(s): Wireless Warehouse in a Box
Worth Noting: Systems Logic is one of the few solutions that does not outsource or offshore any development out of North America. This they claim provides an unparalleled level of agility and responsiveness. Warehouse in a Box also offers one of the few managed on-premise solutions that gives you the ease of management and setup of cloud solutions, coupled with the power, speed and ultimate flexibility of an on-premise solution.

Technology Group International (TGI)

Year Founded: 1990
Number of Employees: 34
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 400+
Solution Name(s): Enterprise 21 ERP
Worth Noting: Enterprise 21 ERP is developed, sold, implemented, and subsequently supported directly by TGI. No part of the business is outsourced to third-party companies or sent overseas. By taking this all-in-one approach, TGI customers are able to establish and leverage a single-source relationship with their software vendor for all software development, business and application consulting, training and technical support needs.

Testo Solutions USA Inc.

Year Founded: 1957
Number of Employees: 2,700
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 100
Solution Name(s): testo Saveris Restaurant, testo Saveris Retail Chain
Worth Noting: For 60 years, Testo has developed innovative measuring solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The testo Saveris platforms have been developed to support quality management initiatives and protect brand reputation. Each solution combines innovative measurement technology with intuitively operated software and individualized services.


Year Founded: 1996
Number of Employees: 20
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 24
Solution Name(s): MyEZClaim, Return Authorization, Carrier Wise, Vendor Claim, Overcharge, OS&D Incident
Worth Noting: Since debuting the first freight claim management system over 20 years ago, TranSolutions is now developing solutions to manage other issues that interfere with claim recovery. For example, claim recovery is difficult without all relevant information, or if there is a delay in getting that information. Therefore, they’ve developed OS&D Incident, software that allows receiving personnel to effortlessly collect all information at the time of the incident, and have it immediately sent to all relevant departments.


Year Founded: 2000
Number of Employees: 2,000
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 20
Solution Name(s): Transplace TMS
Worth Noting: Transplace provides a variety of offerings and tailored solutions based on each customer’s unique requirements, objectives and strategies. Their focus on North American transportation management services, aligned with their core verticals orientation, including CPG, retail, manufacturing, packaging and chemical, is a real and sustainable differentiator compared to those who have a broader focus in the market.

Transportation Insight

Year Founded: 1999
Number of Employees: 500
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 42
Solution Name(s): Technology-Driven, Multi-Modal End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions
Worth Noting: Transportation Insight’s in-house food, beverage and consumer-packaged goods expertise is led by Rick Zaffarano, a 2017 Food Logistics Champion. His team leverages deep industry experience and a state-of-the-art technology stack that enables Transportation Insight to help clients realize cost savings through inventory reduction and improved transit times, while achieving greater service levels and mitigating compliance risk.


Year Founded: 2014
Number of Employees: 10-15
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 20+
Solution Name(s): FreshCode
Worth Noting: Key benefits of the patented FreshCode solution include: patented temperature recorders with flexible configuration of temperature and time setting; scannable by any standard barcode reader or smartphone, eliminating timely/expensive IT purchases; rules based, situation specific feedback to users and e-alerts across the supply chain; and digital records for detailed analysis and compliance.

Velociti Alliance North America

Year Founded: 2000
Number of Employees: 10
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 10+
Solution Name(s): SmokePick, PiecePick, TW*Sales, TradeWins
Worth Noting: By taking advantage of the market-driven hardware solutions that now proliferate the consumer market, Velociti can leverage the high-reliability of those devices and their advanced communications without charging the high price normally associated with solutions that are based on proprietary devices. The bottom line: The end user gets much more capable hardware at a fraction of the price of proprietary devices.

viastore Systems

Year Founded: 1889
Number of Employees: 150
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 35
Solution Name(s): viastore, viadat
Worth Noting: Food and beverage customers are looking for ways to increase productivity and improve picking and order processing to support increased e-commerce delivery options, as well as reduce risk and improve their current systems uptime inside both their manufacturing plants and their warehousing operations. Viastore offers a WMS/WCS solution, as well as significant experience with completely automated solutions for customers seeking a strategic partnership with an experienced software-automation provider.


Year Founded: 2001
Number of Employees: 60
Number of Food/Bev Customers: 50
Solution Name(s): Cloud Voice Management Suite (VMS), VoxPilot, VoxStudio Intellestra
Worth Noting: Voxware was the first company to offer cloud-based delivery of multi-modal voice technology, including augmented reality, and continues to offer customers highly configurable solutions to address a range of distribution operations challenges. Cloud VMS helps companies improve efficiency by as much as 30 percent and improve accuracy to over 99.9 percent. VoxPilot enables companies to track and improve fulfillment and returns data, and Intellestra (Voxware’s predictive analytics platform) empowers companies to pull data from multiple sources throughout the supply chain to understand and react to changing circumstances in real time.