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Manorville, NY 11949

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Manorville, NY 11949
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LTM Services equates to the complete control of all costs associated with any serviceable equipment fleet. From repair cost auditing to PM scheduling to comprehensive operational reporting, we create the most lean and cost effective fleet. We become our client’s representative with regard to any and all outside suppliers. We monitor and manage every cost incurred by the fleet and approve those costs prior to our client even seeing an invoice. Our service is the optimal blend of proprietary software, online data client review and extremely experienced human analysis. We compile and issue operational efficiency reports that will reduce every component of the fleet’s costs including utilization and life cycle to name but a few.  Our goal is to remove our client from the serviceable equipment fleet business allowing them to concentrate on the other aspects of their operation while significantly reducing the overall cost of their serviceable equipment fleet. Companies that operate under a multiple facility model will find additional benefits in our ability to control all costs across all facilities and report back on usage, labor and parts costs as well as offer dynamic comparisons between all enterprise facilities. We are absolute cost control and will provide best in class efficiency implementation.

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