67% of Americans Say Video-Based Safety Systems Would Improve Driver Safety

The vast majority of respondents (89%) believe commercial truck drivers could benefit from further safety training.

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Despite safety efforts deployed by many fleets, Americans feel greatly impacted by unsafe fleet driving behaviors, according to a study by Solera Holdings, LLC.

“The industry has come a long way in improving driver safety standards, and it’s important that we continue on this journey collectively, especially as there are public perceptions to overcome,” said Michal Yariv, VP and GM of strategic initiatives at Solera. “First and foremost, driver safety needs to be a top priority for fleet managers to ensure drivers can do their job and get home safely at the end of the day, and video technology with built-in driver coaching is the key to achieving optimum safety.”

From Solera:

  • With 88% of Americans noting they have driven next to or near a commercial truck driver in the past year, more than half of all respondents (56%) said they’ve felt unsafe driving near a commercial truck driver in this timeframe, with 64% saying they have witnessed unsafe driving behaviors in commercial truck drivers. 

  • Almost one-third (31%) say avoiding tech distractions while driving should be the first course of action for commercial truck drivers to become safer on the roads.
  • The vast majority of respondents (89%) believe commercial truck drivers could benefit from further safety training. In addition, two-thirds believe video-based safety systems would have a positive effect on commercial truck drivers’ ability to drive safely.
  • Almost half (44%) of respondents think the addition of more safety-based technologies – such as in-cab video, road-facing video and artificial intelligence driving tools – in commercial fleets would lead to more people wanting to become a commercial truck driver.