C.H. Robinson Launches First-in-Industry Tech Solutions for Small Business Shippers

Freightquote is a self-service shipping tool automatically provides new enhancements like terminal pick-up and drop-off to reduce costs.

C h Robinson Freight Quote
C.H. Robinson
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C.H. Robinson announced a series of tech enhancements that delivers first-of-its-kind digital transformation to small business shippers. As small businesses face increased challenges, enhancements to self-shipping tool Freightquote further automate and simplify the shipping experience for small business owners while providing instant shipping options and real-time visibility to track shipments across all modes.

The self-service shipping tool automatically provides new enhancements like terminal pick-up and drop-off to reduce costs; an interactive map that helps avoid additional charges; and even an option to hire a “Tasker” through an innovative, first-of-its-kind partnership with TaskRabbit. 

The pioneering integration with TaskRabbit utilizes “Taskers” – independent contractors that offer their services via the TaskRabbit platform – to assist small business customers in ensuring that shipments are ready for pick-up. This is TaskRabbit’s first integration with a shipping partner in the B2B market. By ensuring that their shipments are packaged correctly for transportation, small business owners avoid the risk of losing time and money from damaged goods or a rejected pick-up that was not properly prepared.

“We designed Freightquote by C.H. Robinson with easy-to-use technology, and are pleased that we are now unlocking even more automated opportunities to meet the shipping needs of our small business customers,” said Mac Pinkerton, President of C.H. Robinson’s North American Surface Transportation division. “We know that many small business owners today face unprecedented challenges. That is why we built these new digital enhancements using our unmatched scale, information advantage and technology built by supply chain experts to make it easier than ever to meet their unique shipping needs today and in the future.”

The TaskRabbit partnership allows shippers to hire a Tasker to correctly package or palletize shipments; and book a Tasker to move shipments to a convenient location for carrier pick-up and to help with moving and unpacking shipments.

“We saw a real opportunity to drive value for small businesses through our partnership with C.H. Robinson,” said Diana Rothschild, Director of Strategic Partnerships at TaskRabbit. “We’re thrilled that they are our first shipping partner and look forward to working together to maximize TaskRabbit’s capabilities for small businesses as we continue to grow our services in the B2B space.” 

In addition to the partnership with TaskRabbit, C.H. Robinson has also added the following innovative new features to support small business customers.

Since its introduction, Freightquote by C.H. Robinson has allowed shippers to book less than truckload (LTL) or truckload freight. Now, with the addition of small parcel shipping and temperature-control shipping, small business customers have a full spectrum of digitally-driven shipping options, including the new ability to:

• Compare small parcel and LTL rates side by side and book the best option with one click of a button 

• Access new, cost-effective options for shipping packages under 150 pounds, which can be instantaneously priced and booked within the tool

• Leverage temperature-control truckload options and get instant quotes for shipping fresh produce, flowers, and other goods sensitive to climate conditions

Small business shippers can now select the option to pick-up or drop-off their LTL shipments within an easy-to-access online portal that provides real-time insights on the most cost-effective and geographically-favorable terminal locations, which can save time and money.   

Freightquote by C.H. Robinson’s new location service enhancement saves small business customers time and money by preemptively confirming carrier service to an area as residential or commercial, in addition to reducing the chances of a surprise service issue or additional charge while the shipment is in transit. And with an interactive map feature, users can quickly view a satellite image and validate their location.