Blue Tree Systems Reveals Portable In-Cab device

Blue Tree’s R:COM In-Cab Portable device provides ‘plug and play’ functionality for owner-operator and rental vehicles during periods of high cargo volume.

Blue Tree’s device provides ‘plug and play’ functionality.
Blue Tree’s device provides ‘plug and play’ functionality.

Provider of trailer tracking, reefer monitoring and in-cab fleet management solutions, Blue Tree Systems Inc., has unveiled the latest addition to its industry leading feature set, a portable version of its in-cab terminal.

The R:COM In-Cab Portable retains all the same features as the existing R:COM in-cab communication system, but is differentiated by being a one-piece ‘plug and play’ device that is temporarily mounted on the dash of a vehicle. It is plugged directly to the vehicle diagnostics and with its permanently attached and durable antenna; the Portable system can be effortlessly installed and removed from any vehicle.

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