Tire Insights to Reduce Tire Failures by 83%

Uptake announced Tire Insights, a new suite of solutions designed to revolutionize fleet maintenance and vehicle safety.

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Uptake announced Tire Insights, a new suite of solutions designed to revolutionize fleet maintenance and vehicle safety.

"We have proven Tire Insights are actionable and substantially reduce the risk of tire failures and their associated costs,” says Brian Silva, senior director of data science at Uptake. “We regularly catch tire leaks the same day they start instead of two to three weeks later, when they are typically discovered.”

Key takeaways:

  • The product suite, which currently includes Tire Leak Insights and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Insight, helps fleets improve fuel efficiency by 5%, avoid costly downtime, increase operational efficiency, and reduce unsafe driving days by over 90%.
  • Tire Leak Insights enable early detection of air pressure loss, enabling fleets to address potential issues before they escalate. The tool monitors subtle pressure changes and alerts drivers and maintenance teams proactively, helping to avoid severe tire-related incidents, prolong tire life and enhance road safety.
  • The TPMS Insight detects sensor anomalies that could lead to inaccurate pressure readings. This critical feature ensures data reliability of pressure monitoring and allows for timely interventions, maintaining tire integrity. The system's accuracy and speed make it an indispensable tool for modern fleet operations.
  • Uptake’s solution uses advanced analytics to detect tire-related issues, such as leaks, sensor malfunctions and pressure drops, one month earlier than conventional systems. It leverages asset and axle tire pressure baselines, working together to identify and address pain points before they escalate into severe safety concerns. With these technologies, Uptake customers can keep drivers safe and lower operational costs, substantially impacting their bottom lines.
  • Uptake also launched a Fleet Insight Assessment Dashboard for a more granular analysis of fleet subsystem health. The new tool offers a high-level overview of Insights produced by a fleet over the past 90 days. Using the Dashboard, fleet managers can quickly cut through the noise and empower their maintenance teams to identify potential pain points, ultimately making smarter decisions faster.

"At Uptake, we are relentlessly focused on product innovation and excellence,” says Adam McElhinney, CEO of Uptake. “Our new Tire Insights integrate seamlessly with existing tire pressure monitoring systems and leverage historical data to enhance insights and improve fleet maintenance strategies significantly."