Good Eggs Selects WorkWave Route Manager to Streamline and Expand Fleet

Good Eggs selected the WorkWave Route Manager to add new vehicle-specific zones and explore the cost impact of different routing strategies.

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Good Eggs

With deep roots in the Bay Area, Good Eggs sets out to embrace fresh food as a means of improving everyday life for the people in their community. Focusing on making fresh and organic grocery options available to families throughout the community, Good Eggs works with local growers to ensure that their customers receive the freshest food possible, while supporting local businesses and sustainable farming practices.

As Good Eggs continued to gain traction and see more growth, the company began transitioning to a new location in Oakland, Calif., that would allow them to serve more customers and expand their market. At the same time, the number of U.S. consumers ordering groceries online skyrocketed with the advent of COVID-19. For Good Eggs, the result was a sharp increase in demand during a period of transition that included many moving parts. Kevin Cruz, Transportation Analyst for Good Eggs, estimates that the company’s order volume doubled compared to their pre-COVID-19 numbers. Understandably, Good Eggs needed to find new approaches to keep their customers satisfied without burning out their diligent staff.

With orders ramping up, the Good Eggs team was eager to try some creative approaches to getting all orders delivered. A particularly busy period is unforgiving if an experimental approach doesn’t pan out. That’s why Good Eggs selected the WorkWave Route Manager. Using Route Manager’s sophisticated route optimization algorithm, Good Eggs was able to add new vehicle-specific zones and explore the cost impact of different routing strategies, such as staggering start times for drivers operating in different zones or adding new early morning delivery windows. This gave them the adaptability needed to deal with shifts in delivery routes and customer expectations during COVID-19, as well as the insight needed to make bold decisions and tackle spikes in volume head-on—even in the face of numerous road closures implemented to facilitate outdoor dining during the pandemic.

Route Manager has also been instrumental in Good Eggs’ expansion. The ease of adding licenses and getting new drivers up to speed in mere hours has allowed Good Eggs to seamlessly grow their staff and fleet as demand continues to rise, leaving the company in a perfect position to expand their team and fleet as they break into new areas, transition to a new warehouse, or pivot to thrive during an unexpected spike in demand.