Atlas Copco Introduces the FD VSD 100-300 Refrigerant Dryer — Capable of Delivering Energy Savings of 50% and Higher

Atlas Copco is expanding its variable speed drive (VSD) series by introducing the FD VSD 100-300, a new refrigerant dryer.

Fd300 Vsd Pack L V02
Atlast Copco

Atlas Copco is expanding its variable speed drive (VSD) series by introducing the FD VSD 100-300, a new refrigerant dryer. Atlas Copco’s VSD technology has revolutionized air compressors, and dryers, by making them notably more energy-efficient and significantly reducing the cost of ownership.

Atlas Copco’s FD VSD 100-300 with VSD technology matches power consumption to demand, translating into a lower cost of ownership. The FD VSD 100-300 will be available in six sizes ranging from 212 to 636 cfm, offering customers up to 50% savings on indirect energy costs and up to 70% savings on direct energy costs.

“The launch of the FD VSD 100-300 is in line with our engineering principles of continuing to bring improvements to our customers and take technology to the next level,” says Trey Ragsdale, vice president of industrial air for Atlas Copco Compressors USA. “Our customer and application-geared focus led to the development of this product, and the comprehensive nature of our complete range means we can be confident in having the right product for the right application with no need to compromise.”

The implementation of Atlas Copco’s VSD technology into its refrigerant dryers improves the working process used by most refrigerant dryers — also known as “thermal mass dryers” or “cycling dryers”. As opposed to running at full load to cool a thermal mass, stopping, and then relying on that mass to complete cooling, the VSD process allows for a fluctuating air demand, made possible by an inverter that allows the refrigerant dryer compressor to match its motor speed to the user’s demand.

A thermal mass dryer also has a dew point that rises and falls. A VSD dryer, alternatively, provides users with a low, stable dew point and high-quality air at all times (purity class -;4;- according ISO 8573-1:2010). Further, the VSD dryer is equipped to perform in any condition, while thermal mass dryers can struggle to generate significant energy savings in high ambient temperatures.

Atlas Copco’s new FD VSD 100-300 series is more compact than a typical thermal mass dryer, and its service costs are lower, as it does not require a thermal mass heat exchanger. In addition, the FD VSD 100-300’s high-efficiency heat exchanger was engineered specifically to reduce the pressure drop in the incoming air and eliminate any pre-cooling inefficiencies.

The new FD VSD 100-300 comes with a sophisticated Elektronikon® Touch controller. It is easy to operate, and users can obtain all the information they need to know at a glance. Combined with an ethernet connection and SMARTLINK remote monitoring, the dryer’s air-system performance and maintenance intervals can be optimized from anywhere in the world.