Fresh Del Monte Produce Opens Operations in New Japan Plant

Fresh Del Monte produce is investing into Japan with a new plant opening in Yokohama, Japan.

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Fresh Del Monte Produce announced that its subsidiary Fresh Del Monte Japan Co., Ltd officially began operations in its newly completed plant in Yokohama, Japan.

The state-of-the-art fresh cut plant, which has an annual production capacity of 10,000 tons of fruits and vegetables, will serve as a manufacturing base that satisfies the increasing need for ready-to-eat fresh and convenient fruits, salads and vegetables across Japan. Fresh Del Monte Produce broke ground on the $19 million facility last year and built in stringent hygiene protocols and a cutting-edge low-temperature air condition management system to maintain product quality and freshness.

“We identified a significant growth in demand for fresh and high-quality produce across Japan,” said Youssef Zakharia, President & Chief Operating Officer of Fresh Del Monte Produce. “Today, more than ever, our consumers are looking for fresh ready-to-eat options. Our plant in Yokohama will maximize our wide range of products, driving growth and innovation in our fresh-cut segment.”

The plant will focus heavily on the Tokyo metropolitan area, which boasts a population of more than 37 million — a market roughly the size of all of California — and represents the second largest GDP of any city in the world.

“This is a milestone event for Fresh Del Monte Japan,” said Kunihiko Katayama, General Manager of Fresh Del Monte Japan Co., Ltd. “We have worked extensively on this project and considered every detail behind our state-of-the-art fresh cut facility. It is exciting to finally see our work come to fruition as we continue to supply our customers with fresh and ready-to-eat produce.”

The opening is part of Fresh Del Monte’s aggressive growth strategy, that aims to bring the brand’s unparalleled produce to new homes around the globe.