New Frozen Meals Company Picks TimeStrip For In-Transit Temperature Control

Time and temperature indicators from Timestrip are the vital ingredient in packaging kits designed for new range of home-cooked food parcels, showing their food has arrived within USDA transit temperature guidelines.

From Home With Love, a new startup company that provides loved ones away at college, on work assignment or on military service, with a home cooked or frozen meals, announced this week that they have chosen UK-based tech firm TimeStrip and their TimeStripPlus food indicators for use with their shipping kits so that the recipients can be assured that their lovingly prepared meals never went above 40 F - as recommended by the USDA - while in transit.

The TimestripPlus will alert to a breach above 40 F and tracks cumulative time in increments of two hours and four hours, thus adhering to the USDA recommendation that food should not be consumed if exposed to temperatures over 40F for two hours or greater.

The patented technology behind the TimestripPlus Food Indicator is irreversible and failsafe because it has no moving parts, or electronics used in the production. These low cost ‘smart’ food labels are activated simply by finger pressure and applied to frozen food containers as they are placed into the specially designed shipping cases supplied by From Home With Love (FHWL).

“Time-Temperature Indicators specific to the food industry are long overdue and the opportunity for us to offer existing clients and prospective customers Timestrip’s advanced temperature monitoring indicator will benefit our company’s overall efforts as we continue to enhance our line of Reusable Insulated Container Kits," said James Delaney, FHWL Founder and CEO. "We’re looking forward to working with Timestrip on their latest product offering with great enthusiasm.”

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