Cloverleaf Cold Storage Completesa Major Expansion To Missouri Facility

Increases the building footprint by 54,000 square feet, adds 9.000 pallet positions.

Chilicothe, MO: Cloverleaf Cold Storage has completed a major expansion to its facility here, increasing the building footprint by 54,000 square feet.

There are now 315,000 square feet of production and warehouse space in the cold storage complex located in north central Missouri.

Nine thousand pallet positions of convertible temperature storage were added to its storage capacity while almost 13,000 square feet of space was added to the production space utilized by Farmers Produce, an affiliate of the Sioux City, IA-based warehouse company.

The redesign of the 38,000 square foot production facility represents a major addition to the capacity of Farmers Produce, which specializes in value added services such as custom fabrication, packaging, and tempering for the meat and poultry industries.

There are now multiple boxing and tempering lines in the facility. Water tempering capacity was also increased by 50 percent in this USDA inspected establishment. Farmers Produce operates similar facilities in Sioux City, IA and Napoleon, OH.

The Chillicothe facility, which Cloverleaf Cold Storage purchased in 2002, now has convertible temperature storage for 36,000 pallets capable of holding up to 65 million pounds of product.

Cloverleaf Cold Storage is a family owned and operated warehousing company with over 60 million cubic feet of refrigerated space located in 14 facilities in the North Central, Midwestern, and Southeastern regions. Cloverleaf is among the ten largest public refrigerated companies in the United States according to the IARW, an industry trade group.