Self-Driving Trucks Get One Step Closer to the Field

Plus revealed it conducted a successful driverless Level 4 demonstration on a highway. The news exhibits a major step forward for autonomous trucking in logistics.

Plus Driverless Demo Image For Press Release 3

The logistics and trucking industry is one step closer to driverless trucks, as self-driving truck creator Plus completes a driverless truck demonstration on a highway that reaches Level 4 autonomy. The truck was able to operate on the highway without any human intervention. 

Per Plus

  • The driverless Level 4 truck demonstration was completed on the Wufengshan highway in China’s largest economic center of Yangtze Delta. The demonstration was conducted with a special permit on the newly built highway, with Plus being the first company to be granted such a permit in China. During the demonstration, the driverless truck drove safely and smoothly in typical highway traffic.
  • Plus expects to launch pilot operations of a fully driverless truck for use in a dedicated environment in 2022.
  • Plus is also applying the Level 4 technology used in the driverless demo to deploy a commercial driver-in product for semi trucks called PlusDrive. PlusDrive can either be a standard configuration of newly built trucks or added to existing trucks in order to help make long-haul trucking safer, more efficient, more comfortable, and better for the environment.