3PL Central Rebrands as Extensiv, Launches Data-Driven Benchmark Tool for 3PLs

This move will better align full-scale, connected and collaborative software capabilities to brands and 3PL providers.

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3PL Central is rebranding as Extensiv to better align to full-scale, connected and collaborative software capabilities to brands and third-party logistics (3PL) providers. 

“The old paradigms of e-commerce and logistics software don’t work anymore,” says Andy Lloyd, CEO at Extensiv. “Legacy systems, like ERPs, are slow, fail to deliver the metrics that today’s 3PLs and brands need to stay competitive and have become unwieldy with bolted-on integrations. Extensiv’s platform combines all the software capabilities required to build a seamlessly collaborative and modular fulfillment network that fits customers’ specific use cases. Modern fulfillment is built on speed, visibility, and resiliency between 3PLs and brands, and that’s what Extensiv was built to deliver.” 

Extensiv is also launching Extensiv Market Insights, a benchmark tool that offers data-driven insights into e-commerce order volumes across key shopping sites.

From GlobeNewswire:

  • The decision to rebrand as Extensiv is the culmination of a strategic plan to offer e-commerce brands and 3PL warehouses a new approach to growth. Extensiv connects brands and 3PLs to fulfill demand anywhere, anytime, with superior flexibility and ability to scale.
  • Extensiv Market Insights will show year-over-year and week-over-week volume trends along with pandemic volumes and more.

“For many years, brands have had to operate without visibility to whether business fluctuations represent macro-economic trends or something unique to their business,” says Sheridan Richey, CTO at Extensiv. “Extensiv Market Insights tracks volume trends from anonymized data across millions of orders to address this need. This represents part of our broader mission to leverage our cross-industry knowledge and experience to help our customers stay ahead of the demand curve.”