Amazon Tracks Repeat Shoppers for Line Free Grocery Store

Amazon is tracking how many shoppers return to their lineless grocery store, and so far they keep coming back.

Amazon Go

Amazon is tracking how many customers are returning to its line-free grocery store, Amazon Go, in Seattle. So far, it shows that they keep on coming back.

The details are just an early glimpse of how Amazon Go is doing just two months after opening. It's said that associates spend most of their time restocking shelves, help proving how popular the e-commerce giant's store really is.

Amazon Go is styled like any other grocery store, except it has no cashiers. Customers scan their smartphones in order to enter the store and then cameras and sensors track what they grab and put back on the shelves. Customers don't have to wait in line at all and can just leave the store when they are done shopping. Amazon will bill their account afterwards.

The e-commerce giant is still working on teaching computers to recognize items and activities with as little information as possible.

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