Diamond Foods Expands Partnership With Transplace

Diamond Foods will expand its use of Transplace’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation management system (TMS) and engineering capabilities to achieve greater supply chain visibility.

Diamond Foods, Inc., the makers of Kettle Brand Chips, Emerald snack nuts and Pop Secret  popcorn, recently announced they have expanded their partnership Transplace , a leading 3PL and provider of transportation management services and logistics technology.

Diamond Foods will expand its use of Transplace’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation management system (TMS) and engineering capabilities to further improve operational efficiencies and achieve greater supply chain visibility.

Transplace’s technology solution and experienced team have allowed us to achieve real-time visibility and improve transportation planning and execution across our portfolio of brands,” said Rob Grant, senior vice president of supply chain and procurement, Diamond Foods. “Building off the strong partnership we’ve developed, we were pleased to increase the size and scope of our relationship by further leveraging Transplace’s innovative solutions and network analysis and procurement expertise in order to drive greater improvement throughout our organization.”

Transplace’s proprietary TMS has enabled Diamond Foods to effectively manage all inbound and outbound transportation from domestic vendors to its distribution centers and cross-docks, and to all customer locations. Use of business intelligence (BI) analytics has helped Diamond Foods optimize its transportation network, view shipments in real-time and reduce transportation costs.

Diamond Foods will expand its use of Transplace’s engineering capabilities and technology to increase visibility across its supply chain and identify and execute on greater cost savings opportunities.

Transplace provides the advanced technology and support that allows Diamond Foods to automate our processes and optimize our transportation management operations,” said Gabe Sandoval, director of logistics, Diamond Foods. “We first selected Transplace based on its leadership in the market, knowledgeable and experienced team and comprehensive reporting capabilities, and we are confident that leveraging Transplace’s full suite of services and industry expertise will help our company grow and meet our business goals.”

As part of its commitment to improve its transportation operations, Diamond Foods will also begin participating in Transplace’s TransMATCH co-shipping program in order to take advantage of savings opportunities through collaboration.

“We are thrilled about the opportunity to expand our partnership with Diamond Foods to continue to improve supply chain efficiencies for the company and its trading partners,” said Vincent Chiodo, senior vice president, Transplace.

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