Drivewyze PreClear Now On PeopleNet Onboard Telematics Platforms

It becomes the first weigh station application to be directly integrated into an onboard device.

Drivewyze and PeopleNet announced this week that the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application is now available on PeopleNet onboard devices with a complimentary weigh station cost-analysis tool, nationwide Weigh Station Heads Up notifications, and a bypass service subscription option.

The announcement follows a successful beta test, which included devices installed on trucks from some of the most well recognized fleets in the United States.

Drivewyze PreClear can help our customers achieve greater business efficiencies,” said PeopleNet Product Manager of Safety and Compliance Elise Chianelli. “Its powerful weigh station cost-analysis tool calculates the real costs of unplanned delays at weigh stations and helps determine ROI for bypass services.”

“The integration of the PreClear inspection site bypass application into PeopleNet is indeed a milestone for Drivewyze,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze.PeopleNet is the first to bring to market with us the first and only weigh station bypass service delivered as a cloud-based application using smart mobility technology instead of traditional transponders. And since fleets want all in-cab technology in one place, Drivewyze’s ability to integrate with electronic logging device manufacturers and telematics solution providers such as PeopleNet makes it a very appealing solution.

Just one week earlier Drivewyze launched a free alert service to go with the latest version of its PreClear weigh-station bypass mobile app.

The new Weigh Station Heads Up alert service, available without a subscription to PreClear’s bypass service, provides audio and visual alerts two miles and one mile before a weigh station so a driver knows when to move to the correct lane to pull in to the station. Truckers can get the notifications by downloading PreClear from the Google Play store on their Android smart phones and tablets, and are free, but PreClear’s weigh station bypass service requires a subscription.

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