Diamond Logistics Northwest To Expand at the Port of Quincy

Property will be used to build a new cross-docking and load-consolidation facility at the Washington State port.

Diamond Logistics Northwest (DLNW) announced earlier today that they have acquired 18 acres from the Port of Quincy in Washington State, property next to the new Amway-Nutrilite Botanical Concentrate Manufacturing facility that they hope to use for future expansion of its cross-docking and load consolidation facilities. DLNW is expecting the new facility,  which will allow for additional cold storage space and more room for loading and unloading trucks, to be completed in early 2014.

DLNW is hoping the new facility will help to build on the Port of Quincy's emerging reputation as a premier location for produce packing and perishable product shipping and distribution, especially its location in the heart of Washington State's major fresh produce growing region (apples, potatoes, cherries, onions, pears). The Port of Quincy also has a state-of-the-art Intermodal Terminal on the BNSF mainline which goes from Seattle to Chicago.

"It is clear to us that changes in trucking regulations are creating challenges for everyone involved in the perishable supply chain, which is why DLNW is providing a cross-docking and load consolidation facility to help produce shippers and receivers," said DLNW President Warren Morgan. To read more, click HERE.