Truckers Cause Another Shutdown at Port of Oakland

Port of Oakland Truckers Association workers refuse to work on Monday in protest

The Port of Oakland Truckers Association, which represents about a quarter of the drivers who bring cargo to and from the port, refused to work on Monday to protest what they called unfair labor practices and unsafe working conditions. The group said truckers have not seen any increase in the payment per cargo load in 10 years, while the cost of diesel has quadrupled.

This comes after last week's issuing of a temporary restraining order barring truckers from blocking people or cars from entering or exiting the port by Alameda County Superior Court, at the request of the City of Oakland. Port officials said the truckers' two-day work stoppage in August caused "millions in business losses and work hours," in a statement Monday, and added they "empathize with the truckers" because of the economic downturn and had been "doing everything we can to facilitate solutions," but that the protests were counterproductive. To read more, click HERE.