Top 50 3PLs Gear Up

Logistics View

Congratulations to the third-party logistics providers that were named to this year's Top 50 3PLs. The alphabetical listing features 50 companies that are among the leading 3PLs that service the food industry.

For the third year in a row, we've identified 3PLs that are helping food companies optimize their warehousing and transportation operations. These 3PLs are offering a broad scope of services and capabilities that enable food companies to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve service levels.

You can learn more about these 3PLs in our cover story, "Get In Gear With Help From The Best" . Find out what types of services they're offering to help you better manage your supply chain. This year, a number of new companies have been added to the list.

Our editorial team selected these companies based on the information they supplied on their submission forms, as well as through research, talking with industry analysts and reader input. All 3PLs provided a food customer reference list, which has been kept confidential.

To make the Top 50 3PL listing useful, we've included detailed background information on each company, including the types of services they provide, their web addresses and their corporate mission statement.

Today, many food companies are outsourcing various supply chain activities to gain a competitive advantage. Selecting the right 3PL is vital to the success of a company's overall operations--it's a long-term commitment. Companies need to have an organized process for selecting and working with a potential 3PL as well as a list of appropriate candidates.

Get into gear with Food Logistics' Top 50 3PL list, which can help you find the right partner for your warehousing and transportation needs.

If you have a 3PL success story that you'd like to share with us, please feel free to contact me. We're always looking for new information to share with our readers.