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Real-time supply chain visibility solutions, delivered as a service. Powerful insights into cold chain quality conditions and efficiency from the first mile to the last.

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Ensure food quality and safety, and drive operational efficiency and improvement through on-demand cold chain data and insights. Our solution - comprised of data loggers, real-time visibility software, and predictive analytics -delivers your products safely to consumers. With our solution, you can easily identify cost savings, while reducing the environmental impact of your operations. Find out how our real-time solution can help you.

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Controlant’s Cold Chain as a Service solution provides proactive farm-to-fork supply chain visibility. The company is proactive about food quality, safety, and waste prevention, driving sustainability initiatives for its customers. The company’s IoT data loggers track a product’s location and environmental conditions in real-time as it moved throughout the supply chain. Data is automatically sent to a secure, cloud-enabled software platform, allowing food enterprises and their logistics providers to manage and monitor every shipment. Dashboard analytics provide business-critical information regarding the supply chain, suppliers and partners, and points of interest to mitigate risks, drive continuous improvement, and improve shelf life. The company’s 24/7 monitoring and response services provide proactively alert handling to facilitate corrective action and avoid product waste and increase margins. 

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Jeremy Schneider
Suzanne Scoggins
Business Development Director
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