Visibility Panels Let There Be Light For The Industry’s Most Rugged Dock Door

TKO's new panel helps lower energy costs and can ward off material handling vehicle collisions.

Sussex, WI: The TKO impactable dock doors have become known by distribution centers, manufacturers and processors nationwide as one of the best means to ensure dock doorways are completely sealed to combat the loss of precious room conditioning energy.

Now the company enhances the ability of the door to contribute to further lower energy costs by introducing its new TKO visibility panel.

This full panel section – comprising a quarter of the door area or more – allows sunlight and provides visibility to the outside to monitor truck traffic. Like the other panels on the TKO door, the TKO vision panel can effectively ward off material handling vehicle collisions and suffer no damage.

To provide this strength the 1¾” panel consists of a double section of 1/8” thick polycarbonate, bonded to an extra-strong tubular frame. The vision panel has an easy-to-clean surface.

When the TKO vision panel and any other part of the door is hit by a material handling vehicle the door is designed to separate from its guide track, avoiding damage to the door, energy loss and possible dock traffic back-ups. After impact, resetting the door is quick and easy. Simply pull the separated panel back into the door track.

The door panels ride along a V-Grooved track on retractable plungers. When the door is hit the plunger slides out of the track, releasing the panel unharmed. Yet while the door, including the TKO vision panel, can withstand collisions the track design prevents forcible entry from the outside to keep the building secure. A leading innovator in doorway products, TKO Doors designs, manufactures and markets to growing companies and facilities worldwide.