AeroFlex Fairings From Carrier Transicold Improve Trailer Efficiency

Side fairings reduce fuel consumption, which has a corresponding effect on reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Syracuse, NY: AeroFlex fairings, which have demonstrated up to a 7.5 percent improved fuel economy for tractor-trailer rigs, are now available from Carrier Transicold’s North American dealer network. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Corp., a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

Developed by Freight Wing, Inc., AeroFlex trailer side fairings offer the greatest boost to fuel economy of any side fairings on the market, based on independent tests verified against the SAE/TMC J1321 Type II test procedure, according to the manufacturer. A verified EPA SmartWay technology, fairings are now required on many trailers operated in California.

Available for standard as well as refrigerated trailers, patent-pending AeroFlex fairings are made of impact-resistant, flexible TPO (thermoplastic olefin) plastic that maintains a good appearance over the long haul. The material is UV stabilized for prolonged outdoor use.

The flexibility of the material, coupled with a 180-degree top hinge, allows the low-clearance fairings to flex and withstand both side and bottom impacts. Reflective of their exceptional durability, AeroFlex fairings have a three-year limited warranty, backed by Carrier’s coast-to-coast dealer network.

Weighing only 160 pounds, AeroFlex fairings can be installed in a 5-degree angled configuration. This “wedge” configuration more efficiently diverts airflow along the side of the trailer, away from drag-inducing rear wheels, axle components and cross members. Designed for ease of installation, the fairings can easily be modified to accommodate under-trailer fuel tanks in refrigerated trailer installations.

“Another example of Carrier Transicold’s EcoDrivenSM energy and environmental solutions, side fairings reduce fuel consumption, which has a corresponding effect on reduced greenhouse gas emissions,” says Jason Forman, senior product development manager, Carrier Transicold Performance Parts Group.

“They are an important consideration for fleets and owner-operators who want to achieve EPA SmartWay compliance. Although SmartWay compliance is voluntary in the United States, California’s Heavy-Duty Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Regulation calls for SmartWay compliance of 53-foot trailers used in the state.”

“AeroFlex fairings are a terrific option, whether you are working toward compliance or just focused on improving fuel efficiency,” he adds. As a SmartWay-verified technology, AeroFlex fairings qualify for low-interest SmartWay financing.