FuelWise Option Helps Reduce Gen Set Fuel Consumption And Emissions

Carrier Transicold provides environmental advantages for shipping companies.

Syracuse, NY: New testing by Carrier suggests that the FuelWise efficiency-boosting option for Carrier Transicold’s PowerLINE generator sets can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 37 percent. The trials demonstrate the potential impact for shipping companies seeking to reduce costs and lower the carbon footprint associated with overland transport of refrigerated products. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Corp., a unit of United Technologies Corp. and the world leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, improving the world around us through engineered innovation and environmental stewardship.

PowerLINE diesel-powered generator sets provide uninterrupted power to container refrigeration systems used in intermodal applications. The FuelWise option enables the generator set to run at two speeds. The initial speed is 1,800 rpm, providing maximum pulldown power during the short start-up period. The speed is then automatically reduced to a fuel-conserving 1,500 rpm for the duration of a trip.

“Using the FuelWise option, customers can enjoy dual benefits of direct fuel savings and longer hauls prior to refueling,” says Charu Mahajan, Carrier product manager, generator sets. “Reduced fuel consumption translates into lower emissions, resulting in less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.”

To demonstrate performance in real-world applications, Carrier ran a battery of test simulations using PowerLINE generator sets with its ThinLINE reciprocating units, the global marine shipping industry’s most widely used container refrigeration unit.

“We tested for some of the most commonly hauled fruits--bananas, mangoes and melons--and frozen loads, using appropriate set-points for each and measuring against different ambient temperatures,” said Mahajan.

Although actual fuel consumption depends on real-world conditions, cargo and the specific refrigeration unit used, the fuel savings consistently ranged from 26 to 28 percent in test situations at 38 C (100 F) ambient.

Fuel savings increased further in tests involving ThinLINE units equipped with QUEST power-saving mode, delivering total savings ranging from 33 to 37 percent compared to standard-issue units. QUEST, which stands for Quality and Energy efficiency in Storage and Transport, governs the run-time of container refrigeration systems and cycles refrigeration on and off based on temperature settings for specific perishables.

Given the rising cost of diesel fuel, there has been considerable interest in the FuelWise option, especially among shipping lines that pay for generator set fuel, according to Mahajan.

For typical applications, based on an average of $2.95 per gallon diesel fuel cost in the United States, the FuelWise option provides payback in less than five months.

The FuelWise option can be included with new PowerLINE units and can also be easily installed on existing units in the field, either by Carrier service technicians or customers. All recent-model Carrier generator sets with Tier4i engines can be retrofitted with the FuelWise option.