Capacity Of Texas Inc. Introduces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Terminal Truck

Continues the company's sustainability program.

Longview, TX: Capacity of Texas announced the award of an $872,000 grant to develop a hydrogen fuel cell terminal truck. The project is supported by the state of Texas through a grant from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality(TCEQ). The project involves developing a hydrogen fuel cell terminal truck, which will have “zero” emissions. The Zero Emission Terminal Truck (ZETT) will be based on the world’s only Pluggable Hybrid Terminal Truck (PHETT) platform.

“As the leader in the terminal tractor industry with environmental friendly products, we are pleased to announce the addition of a zero emission terminal truck to our fleet,” said Phillip Ford, president of Capacity of Texas. “In 2007 we launched the first CNG/LNG terminal truck with the Cummins West Port ISL-G engine. These trucks met the EPA/CARB 2010 emission standards a full three years ahead of the required emission change. In 2007 our goal was to be the leader in environmentally friendly products. Since the introduction of the ISL-G terminal tractor, numerous customers recognized and took advantage of our commitment to our sustainability program. The PHETT has been recognized as the most innovative new product in the terminal truck industry in the last 20 years. The ZETT will be the only zero emission terminal truck that will meet the demanding environment and duty cycle of a terminal truck and have zero emissions. Depending on the requirements, the ZETT can operate up to two shifts before refueling. We are the only manufacturer to have a full line of environmentally friendly products and diesel power solutions that enhance our strategy of continuous improvement and environmental stewardship. Capacity of Texas is dedicated to the strategic partnerships with our customers with an range of power options to meet their requirements in any application.”