Nestle USA Extends Relationship With CHEP

Cites productivity gains, environmental sustainability benefits.

Orlando, FL: Nestle USA, the American division of the world’s largest nutrition health and wellness company, and Nestle Water’s North America, the largest bottled water company in the United States, have signed a multi-year contract to ship their products on pallets from CHEP Americas.

Nestle continues to move products from its baking, beverage, Buitoni, confections and snacks, Dreyer’s and waters divisions to supermarkets, distributors and wholesale clubs across the U.S. on CHEP pallets.

“We at Nestle see CHEP as a valued and long-term partner," says George Sheats, operations and logistics procurement manager at Nestle Business Services. "We have confidence in their ability to continue to improve their operations and service to bring further value to our supply chain. We feel that a wood platform brings the best and most sustainable value to the supply chain.”

CHEP Americas president Jim Ritchie says; “Nestle is among the premier fast moving consumer goods marketers in the world. The fact that we have collaborated with them for more than 15 years is a testament to our team’s effort to make sure Nestlé is constantly getting value from CHEP’s services. We are committed to helping Nestle continue creating new efficiencies in their supply chains.”

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