Top Supply Chain Projects: Lazer Logistics Converts CPG Company's Diesel Spotter Fleet to EVs

Lazer Logistics was tasked with converting a CPG company's diesel spotter fleet to electric vehicles at six North American facilities.

Lazer Logistics Ev Hero
Lazer Logistics

Lazer Logistics
: Logistics, supply chain, transportation, technology

Customer client:
 CPG company
About the project: In 2017, one of Lazer’s largest customers, a leading multinational CPG company, reached out to Lazer for help on a sustainability project involving one of their food processing plants located in Illinois. Lazer was tasked with converting the CPG company's diesel spotter fleet to EVs.

 Heading into 2023, the CPG company wanted to expand its sustainability program, and once again, reached out to Lazer Logistics to work out a solution. Together, they developed an EV roadmap that included implementing Lazer Logistics’ EV program at six North American facilities and in Canada in 2023. 

Results: Through the implementation of Lazer Logistics’ EVs and sustainability program at the six new locations in 2023, the company continued to make strides toward its global goals in reducing the carbon footprint of transportation operations. This included avoiding 52,000 gallons of diesel consumption, 34,000 zero-emission key-on hours, and 64,000 zero-emissions miles. This translated into reducing 1.1 million pounds of CO2, equivalent to the environmental impact of removing 119 gasoline-powered passenger cars from the road for a year, not driving 1.2 million gasoline-powered passenger car miles and enough electricity to power 98 homes for a year. 

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