UChain Acquisition to Expand Supply Chain Workforce Operations Across North America

UChain brings with it FreightSmith, a SaaS provider offering modular supply chain solutions that cover all aspects of receiving.

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Eclipse Advantage, LLC announced its acquisition of UChain, which complements Eclipse Advantage’s mission to reduce labor costs for clients, broaden labor-solution offerings, and maximize industry-specific technological advancements. The combined company’s footprint exponentially increases the company’s ability to service clients across North America.

“This acquisition presents an exciting opportunity for us to enhance our cost per unit workforce solutions, increase our tech capacity, and provide optimum value to both our customers and employees. Joining forces with the UChain team is a source of great excitement. Their commitment to hard work, determination, and prioritizing customers and employees aligns seamlessly with our values to ‘serve, engage, and execute,’” says Eclipse Advantage CEO, Brian Kares.

“As part of this acquisition, we are set to merge the three CPU divisions: Eclipse IA, Express Container Management, and UChain. We are pleased to announce Joe Curry, president of UChain, will be taking on the role of president for the newly combined division,” adds Kares. “UChain represents the best-in-class operational, cultural, and innovative excellence to which we aspire. Given Joe’s successful and extensive background in supply chain and logistics, it is a natural progression for him to assume this role. His talent will be essential in advancing our operational excellence and increasing customer value.”


Key takeaways:


  • Joe Curry, president of UChain, will take on the role of president for the newly combined division.
  • UChain brings with it FreightSmith, a SaaS provider offering modular supply chain solutions that cover all aspects of receiving, from driver check-in to driver release. This fully digital solution, which connects all stakeholders in a real-time, inbound, gate-to-gate process, stands as a pioneering initiative. FreightSmith further supports Eclipse Advantage’s focus in building leading-edge technology to support its continued growth in human capital solutions within the supply chain.
  • Eclipse Advantage and UChain will maintain their headquarters in Melbourne, Fla., and Denver, Colo., respectively.