aPriori’s Cost Insight Generate Empowers AGCO’s Sustainable Ag Solutions

aPriori announced that AGCO Corporation will expand its current deployment of aPriori software to include the revolutionary new SaaS solution, Cost Insight Generate.

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aPriori announced that AGCO Corporation will expand its current deployment of aPriori software to include the revolutionary new SaaS solution, Cost Insight Generate. AGCO is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment and solutions and focuses on delivering sustainable high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world through its leading global brands: Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Valtra, and GSI.

Sam Freesmeyer, Vice President, Global Grain and Protein Engineering for AGCO provided the following comments about this latest strategic collaboration with aPriori, “Farming is a tough business. The demand for food, fiber, and fuel from agricultural products continues to increase with the growing population, while the available land, labor, and resources to produce it remains the same or decreases.  Farmers rely on us to provide solutions that deliver more productivity and cost less in order to balance this difficult equation.  aPriori’s new Cost Insight Generate solution helps us meet that need. It automates much of the cost optimization that we currently do manually, helping us bring designs into production faster to support critical agriculture schedules and lead times.”

Cost Insight Generate was designed specifically to address the challenges of global product development teams working in a fast-paced, competitive environment and will change the way companies implement simulation software in the future. 

Some of the key capabilities provided with Cost Insight Generate include:

  • Automatic analysis of digital twin CAD models for manufacturability and cost each time a component is checked into the company’s PLM system; no end user interaction is required to trigger the initial analysis.
  • Rapid identification of parts that have the most cost and manufacturability issues.
  • The system highlights the most important cost drivers on these parts and provides guidance for remediation.
  • Automated report generation delivered conveniently to the inbox of the designer, their manager, a supply chain manager in purchasing, or anyone else in the organization that would benefit.

The benefits of this automated analysis solution for the product development team are numerous, including:

  • Rapidly prioritize parts requiring design improvements.
  • Spend more time innovating and less time fixing issues downstream.
  • Produce credible manufacturing cost analysis to help sourcing find best fit suppliers.

“AGCO has been a loyal customer for more than a decade.  This new commitment to our Cost Insight Generate solution is a clear indicator that our products and services deliver exceptional value to our customers.  We believe that automated manufacturability and cost analysis that minimizes disruptions to the product team is the future of simulation software,” says