Airspace Aims to Solve Logistics Challenges

Airspace assembles an internal team focused specifically on the most challenging logistics disruptions and creating strategy for future growth.


Airspace assembles a variety of senior leadership executives within its company, who designed a new approach and expanded service lines within key verticals in the hopes of combatting the most challenging logistics issues. Chief operating officer Ben Kozy and senior VP of strategy Alex Coates team up to form the group within the company, where they will test various solutions for critical-time shipping. Airspace also hopes to enter new verticals through innovation from the team such as agriculture, automotive, construction, and energy, in addition to its established sectors, healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing and aerospace.

Per Businesswire

  • Airspace leverages its patented technology—an industry-first automated solution that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence—to create optimal shipping routes within just seconds for a superior time advantage for urgent shipments. This, combined with a world-class team, provides unrivaled certainty, speed, and shipment transparency. With the recent funding, Airspace is focused on expanding its service lines to include additional heavyweight shipment services, cold storage capabilities, and scheduled shipping, in addition to on-demand services.