The Biggest Supply Chain Fallacies

Learn about supply chain fallacies around blockchain, CSR, driver shortages, forecasting and functional excellence that supply management professionals fall into the trap of believing.

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What are the biggest supply chain fallacies? In this writer's opinion what follows is a list of the five biggest fallacies related to supply chain management. The first few listed are newer in origin. The last few are "golden oldies."

Fallacy 1: Blockchain will solve the traceability problem

Blockchain is all the rage. Every week a new startup focused on blockchain for supply chain management seems to pop up. But the technology is not well understood. One explanation, that uses the kind of vocabulary supply chain personnel are familiar with, can be found HERE.

It is widely thought that the best application for blockchain in supply chain management is traceability. Walmart and some of the largest food companies in the world have teamed up to explore how to apply blockchain technology to their food supply chains.

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