Welcome To The New FoodLogistics.com!

Our new responsive design will provide the optimal viewing experience across any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

New Flo Gweb Screenshot

Don't check your Web browser ... you're at FoodLogistics.com!

Welcome to the launch of our new Web site design, the new responsive format of Food Logistics that will change depending on how and with what device you're viewing the site with each time you log on. The new site will change design each time you resize your window, with the content formatted to fit in what ever view you are using - from three columns on a full size screen, or desktop PC all the way down to a single column for those viewing on a tablet or smartphone.

Why Responsive?

Some of you may be asking why did they change the site format to a responsive design? It's simple ... it's all about being more mobile.

According to recent research by Neilson, nearly three-quarters of all new mobile phone purchases in 2013 were smartphones. At the same time, the market for tablet devices has exploded with analysts like Gartner predicting that worldwide sales of tablets are expected to increase by 54 percent in the next year. Combine those numbers with the fact that desktop , or traditional PC sales are predicted to decline by 11 to 12 percent and the bottom line is simple ... the future is mobile.

At Food Logistics we wanted to create a platform to increase engagement on the Web, create a better user interface for our growing mobile device audience, and provide an innovative way to target content to each user's individual interests. This new responsive format will allow us to accomplish this goal.

How to Navigate the New FoodLogistics.com

All of the content you have come to enjoy over the years is still here, but it's been organized into channels to better enable users to more easily find the information that pertains to their interests and needs.

The homepage itself will now provide an endless scroll, with the newest content added to the site at the top.

Across the top of the site, you'll see each of the channels on our site with their own color code. Now, in each block of content, you will notice the colored tag that corresponds to that channel to make finding similar content in that same channel much easier. If your window isn't open wide enough to show the channels across the top, the channels will appear from the drop-down icon on the left next to the Food Logistics logo to allow easy access to them all. Our buyer's guide, classifieds, media center, events and award pages can all be found by clicking on the drop-down menu at the far right of the top navigation bar.

Sponsored research will have its own column on the left hand side of the homepage, while access to our podcasts, webinars and videos can be found by scrolling through the column on the far right hand side of the homepage.

Our goal with the new design is to give users a similar experience no matter how they choose to access our site. So please, take a few minutes to check it out - on all of your devices - and let us know what you think.