Delhaize Group Upgrades Fleet Performance Management Tools For Food Supply Chain Optimization

Company streamlines fleet operations across Food Lion, Hannaford and Sweetbay banners.

Minneapolis: Delhaize Group announces that is leveraging XATA Corp.’s XATANET across its Food Lion, Hannaford and Sweetbay banners to maximize its fleet performance with one common technology platform. Delhaize America, a leading supermarket operator with more than 1,500 stores in 16 states in the eastern United States is running XATANET on 780 trucks across these three banners

Delhaize decided to expand its fleet management capability to achieve optimal customer service and increased safety and performance. XATANET will allow Delhaize to better track speed performance and driver behavior and to access driver, vehicle route and delivery information in real-time.

Delhaize will also take advantage of XATA Fleet Performance Management (FPM), a planning, visualization and analytic tool that provides expanded insight in to their key performance indicators and help drive performance with their fleet-related business objectives. Delhaize will implement a set of Fleet Scorecards available in XATA FPM to enable executives, managers, supervisors and even drivers to visualize their performance, understand any underlying issues through drill-down analysis, and react appropriately.

“Delhaize knows that to be competitive in the food retail business, they need efficiency on all levels,” says David Gagne, executive vice president, field operations, XATA Corp.. “We are pleased to work with this forward-looking company to provide a fleet performance management solution that helps them reach their goals, not only in their supply chain, but also in their overall retail operations.”