JAXPORT Cleaner Air Initiative is Operational

Jacksonville Port Authority installs 19 custom-designed diesel oxidation catalysts to reduce diesel emissions by 10 tons per year

The Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) announced yesterday that the installation of 19 custom-designed diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) at their Talleyrand and Blount Island Marine Terminals, are now operational on cranes and other equipment to further reduce diesel emissions at the port. The voluntary project was funded through a grant program and the installation work took about three months to complete.

The DOCs are built to require little-to-no maintenance and are designed to reduce diesel emissions by 10 tons, reduce particulate matter by 20%, reduce carbon monoxide by 30% and reduce hydrocarbons by 50 percent.

"Integrating green port initiatives is an important part of our strategic growth plan, along with collaborating with regional and industry environmental groups and taking full advantage of cleaner air initiatives like the DOCs grant program," said JAXPORT CEO Brian Taylor.

The project was made possible by a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. To read more, click HERE.