Consulting Firm Launches Service Aimed at Hours of Service Compliance

Neenah, WI: With significantly more companies relying on electronic on-board recorders for their hours of service data, JJ Keller & Associates Inc. has launched an Electronic Hours of Service Data Management Service to assist carriers in effectively using the data to understand and improve their overall hours-of-service compliance - helping carriers to achieve a greater return on their investment from their on-board technology. E-Log data, from the carrier's on-board technology system, is downloaded to Keller's service, where it's then reviewed by compliance experts.

JJ Keller has been helping companies comply with hours of service since 1953, the Electronic Hours of Service Data Management Service provides companies with ongoing monitoring, validation, and proactive communication of compliance deficiencies. Many fleets are now faced with extraordinary in-cab data that is difficult to understand - JJ Keller's experts provide guidance on log violations, uncover trends, help with proactive action planning, and provide companies with valuable information.

Rustin Keller, vice president of business services at JJ Keller, says: "Companies are continuing to invest in on-board technology for many reasons, including the pending regulations pointing to a mandate for hours-of-service (HOS) monitoring. This new service offering is simply an extension of what JJ Keller has been doing for nearly 60 years -helping companies with their overall compliance programs by taking their data, analyzing it in a timely manner, and helping to reduce their liability and exposure due to known compliance deficiencies."

For more information on JJ Keller & Associates' new Electronic Hours of Service Data Management Service, companies can visit or call 1-888-473-4638.